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Seismic Techniques (Offshore)

Marine seismic surveys M&ES undertake are used to study the subsurface from less than a metre to over 100m deep for a wide range of applications and include the following:

  • Dredgeability Assessments
  • Offshore and Near Shore Foundations
  • Pipeline Route and Landfalls
  • Directional Drilling / Tunnelling Routes
  • Reclamations
  • Mineral and Sand Resources
  • Offshore Mooring Structures
  • Bedrock and Geological Mapping
  • Offshore Wave and Tide Energy Anchoring
  • Pipeline Integrity Monitoring
  • Water / Tailings Dam Siltation Monitoring and Assessment


M&ES offer a full suite of seismic investigation techniques and have a range of hydrophone streamers and seismic sources to achieve the resolution and depth of investigation required for most geotechnical engineering applications.